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Services Offered

  • Radon in Air and Water Testing (EPA Approved)
  • Professional radon in air and water mitigation service
  • Water quality testing, water softeners, and filter installation
  • RO units, well tanks, sump pumps are also our specialty
  • Fast and inexpensive service to expedite your real estate transaction (5 day turnaround)
  • Servicing some of the top real estate agencies (references available)
  • Evenings-weekends-holidays, no extra fee
  • Quality workmanship-Quality materials at an affordable price
  • Basic System-exterior vent line 3" PVC pipe with a UL rated fan to the custom designed system
  • Urethane caulk to seal cracks in walls and floor slab
  • Upgrade old systems 
  • Clients: Homeowners, Builders, Relocation Companies,Real Estate Agents, Homes, Schools, Office Buildings
  • Northeast Radon & Water Systems, LLC will follow local codes and EPA Protocols
  • Field testing to determine system design
  • Test for back drafting of combustible systems following radon installation
  • We service existing water systems

Air Mitigation Custom Design (Additional fee)

  • Aluminum downspouts
  • UL rated fans
  • Vinyl downspouts
  • Custom covers
  • Copper downspouts
  • Paint to match

System Designs

  • Sub slab depressurization
  • Sub Membrane depressurization
  • Exterior route
  • Interior route
  • Garage routes
  • Fire Collars

Water Mitigation Systems

  • Granular carbon filters (80% removal)
  • Aeration systems (99% removal)

Water Treatment Systems

  • Filters
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Softeners
  • Pressure tanks
  • Neutralizers
  • Constant pressure pumps

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